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For creative businesses and artists who are liking to get more exposure, Art Xtedia helps you gain popularity and widen your audience. We provide you a platform to showcase and publish your product and services while giving our subscribers, fans and followers a chance to experience your talent.

Unlike the old school way of publicity and marketing, we help shine light on your business by reviewing and recommending you to our trusted network. Naturally this will generate traffic back to your business.

Our creative contents and displays of paintings will take you through a journey of an artistic awakening. Here at Art Xtedia we aim to bring back the meaning of art in a light that resonates through a new generation of visual artists and creative minds enlightening you with their finest display of paintings, illustration, sculptures and drawings.

The mission of Art Xtedia is to support, promote and sustain the talent and skills of the living artist and to promote all creative businesses. We don’t just create, we bring you stories of inspiration in our art helping you value its quality and meaning.

We believe that there is an abundant supply of good yet unrecognised artistic talents who deserve to be appreciated and valued for their skills. Art Xtedia gives you access to some of the finest new and innovative Australian and international artists presenting now in this new era of creativity. Our team of expert artisans will inspire you with art works that bring the finest and most luxurious feel to your walls and surroundings.

If you like us to curate your content and showcase your creativity please write to our chief blogger Julie Rekha info@julierekha.com

Real People, Unique Businesses, Authentic Results.

Art Xtedia family currently consist and will be expanding to other artisans, interior designers, architects, body painters, graphic designers and many more. We help promote our friendly alliances and in return it gives them the exposure and publicity through our community.

For our readers who love art and a wide range of creative topics,  you will definitely enjoy reading the meaningful inspirations behind our work that are regularly updated to bring you the latest buzz and trends – not to mention the countless offers, free gifts and discounts you can enjoy with each visit.

Many of our collaborated blogs and articles are contributions from our industry experts who have a message to share through our platform. We welcome submission from our worldwide partners in bringing you everything that is the matter of the Art!

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Sarah Sculley, Brisbane Australia


Stella Divina Hand Made Coasters, U.S.A


MJ Studios Marrickville, Australia


Our Products

All original works and fine art prints at Art Xtedia carry our 100% assurance of the highest quality workmanship and materials and are made to inspire and make you feel good. Many of these creations are exclusively and only available through Art Xtedia and have specially crafted for you, our exclusive art lovers who appreciate and value art as an investment for the soul.

Each of the artistic works you view at Art Xtedia have taken many hours, weeks or even months to create with much effort from all of all our artists and experts to reach the state in which you are viewing them right now. We regularly update our collection’s gallery as soon as the latest artworks and creations have been made ready. Regular visits to Art Xtedia will surprise and amaze you with the latest additions added to our collector’s gallery. You will never be disappointed by visiting artxtedia.com. All our art pieces are unique with a personal representation of the artist’s meaning and depth.

By clicking on each artwork, the details regarding their medium, size and the artist will be displayed helping you consider where each piece can be placed to enhance that office or home living space. Artworks are available in various sizes to suit and match your preference so be sure to check the size and dimensions of the products.

We also offer a free consultation service when choosing the right masterpiece for your space, so let us know how we can help you. Our customer relationship managers are there to help and assist customers with any of their artistic or home decorator inquiries. Kindly go through the collection and tell us what you find interesting so that we can ship it to you right away.

White living room interior with vibrant green decoration

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