The Art of Creative Communication

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The art of creative communication can be expressed in many ways. The better – that people communicate creatively – the world would be a better place for peaceful co-habitation and understanding.

Communication can be expressed verbally, thru words, images, sounds, and even thru music and art. Creative expression for communicating can be achieved thru various media, as the most underlying factor should be ‘understanding and proper conveyance of message’. When communicating, every artistic expression within the channel chosen – is an attempt to bring the ‘audience’ to a diverse perspective of viewing life thru the vehicle of the subject at hand.

When an artist communicates through his or her artworks, he or she is simply expressing both intellectual and emotional perceptions that are often constrained by spoken or written words; and moving us into ‘another’ world for creative assimilation. By creating a parody of emotional and intellectual ‘images’ and ‘voicing’ through artworks, the artist puts together ideas to illuminate a distinct way of ‘seeing’ thru objects, hence opening up new outlooks of understanding in the audience.

An artist can ‘frame’ an idea and use that medium to communicate it to a large audience of viewers. A musical composer can simply create a musical note to produce an explicit emotional reaction from its audience, while the overall logical idea is established by the context of the whole piece or section.

A dance choreographer will communicate to others thru creating particular dance movements. The dancer then frames the concept within the context of the whole piece or section to produce a highly persuasive logical/emotional fusion.

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What about a potter? He or she would form a shape with clay and then coat the piece to bring out detailed ideas that he or she would want to express. The visual artist would pick a subject and then create it to become a ‘whole concept’ – comprising of several smaller parts that, like the musician, prompts particular emotional responses in collocation of color, shape or content.

And then the photographer can be seen as truly a ‘communicator’ of life. The photographer just as a visual artist – views life as it develops and focuses our attention to see diverse perspective than what it is on the surface. With this ‘creative’ perspective, an artist helps to lead us to see something that is within an event that we may not have clearly taking note of or seen.

Writers on the other hand achieve same thing by creating a ‘vantage point’ – where readers can digest and observe unfolding events within written words. The general context is the frame for the message for which the composer is trying to express. Effective communication and understanding ‘unfolds’ as an audience realizes the message within the greater context of the events that is to be communicated!

Whichever medium is used – whether thru sounds, words, visual images, and more – the idea is to creatively create feelings and thoughts, and convey ideas that the audience can easily understand and relate to. The whole concept is to inform and open the audience’s mind and perspective – to seeing the world in a better light than before.