Our Team of Artists

Julie Rekha


Artist, Blogger &  Founder of Art Xtedia

Recognized for creating versatile paintings, my art draws you in to feel joyful, happy and mesmerized. There were many gaps over the years before discovering my creativity but since embarking upon this journey, I am now fulfilled. Many opportunities are also appearing in my mission to heal our world through Art and to bring back it’s meaning.

My technique varies for each artwork, but at most times, whether I choose acrylics, wax or oil to paint with, it is truly a magical moment. This makes my original paintings special because they are unique within each collection. I believe that you deserve to own something that is of exquisite taste. These creations are intended to bring you good vibes and make your life beautiful.

My vision is for Art Xtedia is to become a household name and I believe as an artist it is never all about me but about my people. You are my people. The ones who feel appreciation for all things art. The more artists join forces and unite, the more we can make our world better.

During the process of establishing myself as an artist and blogger, my life’s purpose became clearer to me. This awakening moved me to help as many people and in embracing their talents, it gives them a purpose.

I hope you enjoy and be inspired by everything that Art has to offer.


Best Regards,

Tanja Louise


Tanja Louise grew up in a rural town Australia, the youngest of four siblings, she has always had a keen interest in Art. Tanja predominately works with pencil art, but also uses ink and watercolour. She has not completed any formal qualifications in Art, an autodidact – a self taught artist of all aspects of her works, making her art truly unique. She has had her works in several local art shows and galleries, and also completed works on consignment. Tanja’s art comprises of intricate drawings, which include dotwork and mandalas, and also photorealism.

Purple Elephant

Sheila Tan
 Portrait Expert Artist
Sheila creates realistic detailed portraits using the simple media of pencil and paper. She captures and conveys beauty, drawing out feelings, energy and personality.Her choice of media is connected with positive constraints and our ability as humans to make the most of what we have. “We have the ability to create beautiful things out of the simplest of tools, such as pencil and paper. My portraits represent precious moments shared with the ones we love”.
Liz_pe Marilyn_peAudrey_pe
Women who have inspired our society and given us hope in the roles they have played.

Marian Arends
Drawing Expert Artist
 Marian Arends is one of the very few amongst us that can draw a painting that is both playful, deep and holds such meaning. She has been diagnosed with Autism and this only adds more talent to her creative energy. A true artist that advocates art as a healing place so that we can visit whenever we want to and feel safe as we explore and express ourselves.
 Here I am Colour Power
 Here I Am & Colour Power
The drawings of a beautiful soul sent to colour our world with her imagination

Fiona Groom

fiona groom (3) - Copy

Realism Expert Artist
Fiona is an artist that triggers feelings of joy and happiness with a message from our animal friends, giving them a voice that no one else hears. “My intention is to capture my subject’s character and expression, incorporating their humour, their majesty and wonder of the animal kingdom, and as a result, the painting then tells its own story”. Her work describes the grand order of the animal world and conveys the colours and details of their beauty.
mummy and me by fiona groom for email  oh no not you again by fiona groom for email - Copy
Mummy and I & Friendship
The animal kingdom is the driving force within these art, to delve into the diversity of animal life.

Terri Lewis
Terri Lewis face_pe
Abstract Artist & Multi Award Winner
Our very own Australian born artist with an eye for creating exquisite and outstanding work. Terri has displayed her work in Italy and through many other places where she is recognised for talent and skills. She has had several media columns written about her and remains a favourite among leading journalists. A lady with an instinct for colours and abstract impressionism.
Sun Burst – The vibrancy and intensity of life on canvas

Steve Guest
Steve Guest_pe
Impressionist & Portrait Artist
Steve brings an air of freshness and breathes life into his paintings. His craft is significantly exquisite with a lot of soul because he understands and sees colours for its transparency. A man with a talent for capturing what he sees and magnifying its beauty on canvas.
Steve Guest art2_pe Steve Guest art1_pe
The Heavens &  Impermanence
There is beauty in this plane there is life in the universe.

Monika Scheffler


Impressionist Artist & Landscape Poet

This is my journey into the world of Art. Throughout my life, I have resonated well with watercolours. Landscapes are my forte to bring me back to reading a poem like Dorothy Mackellar’s ‘My Country’, which describes the Australian landscape in its majestic beauty. Nature and structures are my inspiration when my paintings are brought to life.

‘In October last year, Monika was approached by Woodlands Publishing, requesting up to 25 paintings. This was a major project for her, not only was she very surprised at being approached, but she was also apprehensive whether she could meet the level of standard of the magazine, having never been involved in such a project before. Yet, to her surprise, when the magazine Artist’s Palette issue 145 came out on the 25th January, her feature covered 10 pages receiving overwhelming positive feedback.’

Monika art 1

Rocky Village – Walk through the journey of simply letting go all your worries as you step into the sands barefoot feeling yourself grounded within these landscape.

Neville Baker

Neville Baker

Impressionist Artist & War Veteran

A man with a delicate touch for landscape and seascape paintings. Having found his healing through art he is now an emerging artist. He sets a good example in coming to terms with the past, by creating beauty in our present. He is inspired by the works of Lens Hend, Bob Ross and Bill Alexander; men who bring life to their canvas by portraying reality.

Neil Baker Art 1  neil 2

Water Valley – The soothing and flowing of our feelings when we are inspired by nature.

Rachel Keem

Rachel Keem 3_peRachel Keem_pe

Portrait & Impressionist Artist

A beauty that conveys her message of love in her Art. She sees in her reality the contrast of life and is inspired by her own imagination of truth. A talented artist with a versatile approach to creating life as it unfolds for her.


Sandra Messner

sandra m sandra messner 3

Impressionist Artist

An Artist with a heart for nature’s beauty as she captures mother earth’s finest creations. Sandra discovered herself within her paintings not long ago and continues to paint her world beautiful. Her craft details nature as she brings you through its reality that aesthetically shines on canvas. Coming up as a winner in a local neighbourhood Art show Sandra’s art is appreciated both throughout her little village in Victoria, Australia and her online art presence.

msandra M art 1_pe

Satin Bloom – I stand tall in the midst of darkness as I transform from fragile to a full bloomed flower of hope.

Neil Sweeny

Neil on rocks 1_pe

Digital Art Realist and Expressionist

Neil is a self-taught artist with a spinal injury which has caused him difficulty with fine and gross motor skills. Not to be deterred, his creativity is now expressed through his beautiful paintings. He spent most of his life as a career classical musician until an accident in 2007 cut that dream short. As an award-winning International artist he has found that his purpose and passion for beauty can equally flow through the vibrancy and colours that emanate like musical notes from within his artworks.

winter vortex 120 x 80 3 Butterfly Retreat 120 x 80cm 1

Winter Vortex & Butterfly Retreat

Cold as ice and as beautiful as snow I swing by my tunnel of hope as my life goes through the channels of change

Sarah Sculley

Sarah Sculley_pe

Urban Expert Artist

Sarah Sculley creates colourful and layered art inspired by the female form, typography and vibrancy. Sarah mixes these elements to create her work on canvas, paper, surfboards and skate decks. She is inspired by personal events, emotional pitfalls and the constant need to find the positive in every situation. her creations are about empowering women, to empathise, to understand and to be the sunshine when skies are grey. “I create colourful, emotional and intimate artwork. It is honest in its exploration of both the light and dark inside all of us. It depicts the contrast between internal self-talk and the external self that is shown to the world”.


YourHeartYourHeadYourself YouAreStronger

Empowering and destructive thoughts are paired with dramatic figures, bold statements and strokes.

Community of Kili Tingatinga

KiliTingatinga community

Kili Tingatinga Art represents a community of impoverished artists from Dar es Salaam Tanzania in Africa who are incredibly talented. Tingatinga Art tells the stories of the art from and these amazing, and helps communities get food on their table and help create sustainability in a region which is struggling with poverty and where less than 27% of people get a secondary education.
flowers tinga tinga zebra manDSC02778_pe

We create to sustain ourselves and to spread our message that poverty is not our way of life – assist us in evolving to a more comfortable life. 

Mrinal Dutt


Mix Media Expert Artist

Mrinal Dutt is from Ahemadabad,India. He is a well-known for specializing in all media and significantly a self-taught artist. His inspiration is Sir MF Hussain and his artistic journey started by doing simple sketches. He likes to sit in places and bring his imagination to life on his canvas. He quotes and believes that”being an artist we have a power to see the world differently”.


Togetherness – A masterpiece created to embody love in it’s purest form

Alistair Swale

alistair swale

Realism and Portrait Artist

A painting says a thousand words, Alistair is a gifted artist with the capability to bring your senses alive through his art. He awakens your feelings and triggers your artistic emotions.


I smile because life tickles me with joy and hope



Collage Expert Artist

Sing Wan Chong Li is from Santiago de Chile. Her collages have been published in magazines virtual of Canada and Peru, also in the magazine printed “Le vertebre et Rossignol” N 4 (Canada), in the news ufológico autonomous “Noufa” and in the website “Cactus Cultural”. Her outstanding work exhibits worldwide from Costa Rica, Mexico to Spain.

singwan-2 singwan-1

Ildikó Csegöldi


Born and raised in Transylvania(Roumania ) the composition and masterful use of color are Ildiko’s trademarks. Life events, feelings and unanswered questions a true sense of belonging or longing are evident in her figurative work – even her abstract works provide a sense of destination. Ildikó’s work communicates to the viewer the mystical appreciation for life and its creation by depicting the human condition – wired to be social yet often alone though not necessarily lonely. Ildikó’s choice of colours give the viewer a sense of real happiness. Innocent in their purity, yet bold and unashamed. All elements lead the viewer’s eye to yet another dimension. The relevancy of Ildikó’s art, along with its playful nature have made her work highly desirable for the art collectors. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in Europe and work is found in private collections worldwide.


The Hiding – Inspired by our private thoughts and the need for solitude.


Kelvin Mui


our artist

Digital Expert Artist

Influenced by Digital Media, Kelvin’s unique style of digital art “Smoke Art” combines photography and digital composite techniques to redefine reality and create meaning.

The conceptual elemental composites are exposing how cultural activity is impacting on the environment. His outstanding work explores issues of displacement, loss and the evocative nature of vision and the spectator.

See all our artwork and sculptures here www.julierekha.com/gallery Enjoy!