Create a Story With Art And Words by Artist Cheryle Bannon

cheryle bannon artist

Artist Cheryle Bannon is creative, spiritual and intuitive. An amazing talent from Melbourne, Australia who creates heart-centered art through a guided process of connecting to inner stories. Cheryle’s art inspires us to step into our own stories through a joyful exploratory process of art making and writing. She says “as art informs text then text informs art”. Cheryle has taught […]

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The Big Anxiety Festival in Australia Starts 20th Sept to 11th Nov

big anxiety festival sydney

The Big Anxiety Festival, the biggest mental health and arts festival in the world, will explore and re-imagine the state of mental health in the 21st century.  Leading national and international artists, scientists, technology experts and thinkers will assemble across Greater Sydney for The Big Anxiety Festival from 20 September to 11 November.  Tackling the big anxieties of our times, […]

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Sema Tosya Istanbul’s Jewellery Designer Shares Her Inspiring Story

Sema Tosya

Sema Tosya is Turkey’s popular Jewellery Designer who works with semiprecious natural stones, creating bespoke custom jewellery. Based in Istanbul, with her heart in Bodrum where she spends summers looking for inspiration, she can often be found on Bodrum beach looking for pebbles which she turns into rings necklaces, bracelets always adding her signature style. Sema’s journey started in 2010 […]

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What is September? It’s Our Art Month To Remember!

art month

September is our art month to remember and although it’s the ninth month in the Gregorian calendar did you know that the name September derives from the Roman word ‘septem’ meaning seven? So in light to giving this meaningful month a burst of artistic flare, we have put together seven of our outstanding art of the month! Feel inspired and […]

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Embracing Feminine Style Paintings In Modern Times

Feminine style paintings are one of the world’s most sought after collections if you ask many art lovers and collectors. The term feminine is universally associated with characters, roles and attributes of the female gender. Art though not necessarily being feminine or masculine, can in many ways have significant female essence. Here you will discover how to appreciate the sort […]

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How to Solve 7 Major Problems An Artist Face in Business

problems artist have

The problems artist have very often goes unnoticed and viewed as unimportant unlike other profession. Starting out not long ago as a visual artist, although I found it creatively very fulfilling, I did face these challenges myself and sometimes still do. There were many artistic discoveries that helped me find my true self and when it came to my network, […]

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