Basic Interior Design Tips – Ally Feiam

basic interior design tips

Interior design is a daunting task. For most of us, it’s not like changing your outfit; it takes time and preparation, not to mention the heavy costs of redesigning your entire home. If you’re about to venture into interior design for the first time, and you’re a bit worried, don’t be. We have all of the tips you need to […]

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Making the most of natural flu remedies ( this winter )

natural flu remedies

Natural flu remedies are a heaven sent formula and since we’re gearing up for another wonderful winter season around the corner here in Australia, stocking up on some great herbal alternatives is a good thing. Mother Nature has plenty of natural solutions just waiting for us to take notice of when it comes to being flu free this winter season. […]

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The Meaning of Easter, Eggs and Bunnies

Easter, eggs and bunnies

During this popular celebration, the meaning of Easter, eggs and bunnies holds differently for different folks. However the most popular one is that it is a day that generously celebrates the resurrection of Christ. This is a very significant day for Christians. It is also classified as a transferable feast since it doesn’t fall on a set day or time […]

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2017 Wedding Trends For The Young and Creative

This year’s 2017 wedding trends for the young and creative has moved a long way from the ceremony of strict tradition it once was. When young people are celebrating their love these days they want their ceremony and reception to be a representation of who they are. Young and trendy with lots of personal styles without breaking the budget. This, […]

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Embracing Feminine Paintings In Modern Times

Feminine paintings are one of the world’s most sought after collections if you ask many art lovers and collectors. The term feminine is universally associated with characters, roles and attributes of the female gender. Art though not necessarily being feminine or masculine, can in many ways have significant female essence. Here you will discover how to appreciate the sort of […]

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Virtual Wedding Planner – Online help for your big day!

We live in a digital world where you can get just about anything you need online from clothing to household goods to fresh produce and groceries. Even traditional service providers like doctors are going digital by providing you with online doctor’s visits through various apps. But even with technology surrounding us in every aspect of our lives, the wedding industry remains […]

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Brazilian artist Flavia Julius painting Australia with a passion

You may remember our Brazilian artist Flavia Julius with her mesmerizing painting “Carnival” at our last month’s exhibition. We are proud to announce that Miss Flavia will be also launching her solo exhibition here in Sydney on Friday the 3rd Of March! Here are some of the recap of her previous interview with Art Xtedia and new updates on her […]

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