Digital Expert Artist – Tunazee

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Close to eighteen months ago my art and myself were still finding an online identity and after months of website errors and rotating carousels, I made a decision to step up my game a notch and ditch the amateur cap. During this crossroads there came my virtual friend Tunazee, a guy from across the globe randomly meeting over a cyber chat forum. He is the digital artist responsible for all our ebook formatting, designing and graphic work.

This quest that he took upon himself did not come with a silver platter, because working with an artist such as myself can often feel like you are dealing with an OCD perfectionist or Picasso on prosaic. So off he went, this poor creature going back and forth until he could see what I saw and he delivered the end result that led me to bigger and better things.

Let me introduce to you my friend Agboluaje Tunazee our resident digital artist and and experienced e-book formatter for; Kindle, Epub, Smashword, to name a few. Just like most creative kids, Tunazee started drawing and painting at a very young age. After finishing his homework, he would either retire to his colouring book or trace cartoons from newspapers. Along the line he graduated from using crayons, coloured pencils and papers, to computer graphics where he no longer had to worry about papers or canvas.

3_book-cover-sample   tunazee

Tunazee is inspired by everything around him, both living and non-living things. He sees dimensions where the naked eye sees shapes. His work is truly the creation of a digital expert artist. What makes this guy the real thing is not just his skills set but his ability to understand the client’s needs and demands with patience, time and good delivery of service. He is both a professional and a customer service personnel within his business. Tunazee gets his work done right even if it takes countless times of revising, debating and tweaking. There may be lots of other graphic digital designers out there but the one special quality about this guy is his people’s skills that no money can buy and you would wish all employees and freelancers had his expertise.

Having the privilege of being his client we at Art Expedia have gotten some insight into his discipline in managing it all. Tell us about your day at the desk? “In graphics design process, design files and images can easily get mixed up and thereby making it difficult to locate files. Therefore, it`s very important to get organized. Firstly, I set priority on each project based on the property and delivery time”.


How do you organise so many projects and still deliver good quality work? He says ” I ensure I organize my files into different folders with unique file names with respect to each project. This way I am able to locate files easily when needed and hence, save time”. Do you ever forget or run out of schedule? In the beginning of my career maybe but now I set reminders because I can not afford to forget design tasks or client requests. It is very important to respond to requests and deliver order on time. 

What happens if we needed these files to be upgraded or revised few years from now? Tunazee goes to explain, “Most importantly, I create backup for all my works. Apart from local backup, I have external drives mainly for this purpose. I do not have to worry about file missing especially when clients request for revision or modification after a long period since the project was completed”.

If you are someone starting out in your creative business and like me have a budget to work with but still require good delivery of service and require an ebook formatting for your marketing then as part of the Tunazee Digital Studios offer you can now enjoy a 10% discount on all his services by simply mentioning Art Expedia in your emails to him here. We endorse and guarantee that this young hardworking artist will deliver the quality that we at Art Expedia have had the privilege to grow our business in.

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