Hand Made Art Coasters by Stella Divina

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Stella Divina luxury home décor products made from recycled, up-cycled, and re-purposed materials. Sarah specializes in upscale home décor products, and my artwork includes innovative up-cycled functional home décor pieces.Stella Divina coasters are a form of “functional art.” They are upscale home décor pieces, crafted using high quality materials, that feature a mixed media composition of abstract painting and vintage designs.

Art Xtedia has had the privilege to get the insight of Miss Divina’s craft. We have her interview for your reading pleasure and inspiration. How do you hand make these beautiful coasters? “My tile art coasters are created using recycled tiles and an assortment of vintage advertising material and antique labels. The tiles are painted with abstract colors and designs to perfectly match the colors of the labels. I apply a mixed media coating that makes the coasters waterproof, alcohol proof, heat resistant to 200 degrees, as well as UV protected. Finally my products come to life when the coasters are backed with high quality, super absorbent, 100% cork. Each coaster is masterfully crafted to be durable enough for everyday use”.


What materials or tools do you use ? “I scour the country for unique vintage commercial advertising finds, such as pre-prohibition alcohol labels, vintage postcards, and antique citrus crate packing labels. When I find citrus crate packing labels, I scan them, digitally enhance them, fixing scratches, cracks, and rips,and size them to fit perfectly on the hand painted, multicolored backgrounds of each tile”.

One of the most popular Stella Divina products is her line of craft beer label coasters. Every coaster is hand painted to match the colors in the beer label, so each piece is a unique work of mixed media art. How do you start crafting the craft beer label coasters? “Well first we drank and enjoyed the beers, then we peeled the labels, painted recycled tiles, and turned them into new lives as coasters”. 

“Craft beer labels are embedded in our high gloss,UV protected coating, allowing the labels to be preserved as a piece of history in a functional home décor piece”. Stella Divina coasters are the best way for craft beer aficionados to celebrate their favorite brews. “My coasters make an excellent choice for custom branded merchandise for breweries for example, because they give beer lovers a fantastic way to collect and display their favorite beer labels”.  


Custom coasters are very popular with a variety of customers. Breweries and wineries have ordered coasters with their labels, business people have requested coasters with logos, and she has made some lovely party souvenirs for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, and other special events.

Overall, Stella’s work is a mix of contemporary and modern art, blended with cultural, historical, and mass media references. Each Stella Divina piece is comprised of a popart
element layered over colorful abstract backdrops,and combined with a meticulous approach to product design and functionality, which has been described as “Andy Warhol meets Martha Stewart.”

By incorporating vintage advertising into her designs, Stella Divina pieces breathe life into
historic objects and tell stories of our cultural past, helping to keep history alive in a
way that can be displayed and celebrated as part of daily life.

DogCoastersEasy to travel with and easy to ship, Stella Divina coasters make great gifts.You can find her craft here and receive special offers when you state “Art Xtedia” in your exclusive discount code for custom orders. Visit Stella Divina for inspiration.