How to Tap Into Feeling Creative and Staying Positive

Feeling Creative

Have you tried feeling creative but been in one of those ruts, where your creative spirit just seems crushed? There are several ways you can boost your creativity, and here are some of the best and easiest.  

Be Curious

Rather than just sit and feel bad about how you can’t think of anything creative, keep your mind open. Read a book, watch a movie, or watch a video. Here’s the catch, though. Watch something you’ve never seen before. If your favourite films are sci-fi movies, but you’ve seen Star Wars forty times, watch Metropolis. Pick something in the genre that you love, but from an era you’ve never seen before. This can help open your mind to a whole new world that you didn’t even know existed. This will keep your mind open to innovative ideas, which can keep your brain moving, rather than staying in its rut!

Pick Something Terrible

If you’re focusing on trying to make something perfect, stop it. This is the easiest way to stop yourself from creating something new. If you think of something awful; something that is so far out of your comfort zone, you may just think of the perfect idea to combat the terrible one! It’s a crazy idea, but hey, unleashing your creative spirit is about getting a little crazy!

Restrict Yourself

It’s a pretty famous story, but Dr Seuss bet against himself, saying he couldn’t write a story in under 50 words. From there, he wrote Green Eggs and Ham, one of the bestselling children’s books in history. If you put a constraint on yourself, it forces you to get the job done. Give yourself a challenge, and who knows, you may end up producing your best work yet! Rather than cut yourself off from the possible, make it work for you. Only have 10 minutes to start your drawing? Start it. Only have half an hour to start your novel? Get to work. Your restrictions are not the enemy; they’re your friend.

feeling creative

Art by Flavia Julius

Congratulate Yourself When You Do Something Well

You give praise to others for doing something well, but have you ever thought of giving yourself praise? Giving yourself, praise can give you the motivation to keep moving, to keep pushing yourself and try to better yourself day after day. So, if you create a piece of art that you like, show it off; pat yourself on the back and revel in it. You deserve the praise!

Go for A Walk

It’s no secret that open air can help you de-stress and clear your mind. Did you know, however, that it can also help you unleash your creativity? Get outside and walk around; enjoy the sunshine, and watch things happen. Let your mind wander a bit. This is a wonderful way to relieve any stress you may be feeling about not finding your creative center, and you may even unleash a new pattern of creative thinking! You can even just take a break and watch the clouds; they can offer a lot of inspiration. If you’re feeling uninspired at night, go out to your backyard and sit by a fire pit, and watch the flames dance. They may offer more inspiration than you think.

Have A Sleep
Even though we only experience REM for a small amount of time a night, and even though most of us won’t remember our dreams, sleep is a wonderful way to boost your creativity. If you dream of something crazy, keep a dream journal (of sorts) by your bed. Write down whatever you dream of, and when you wake up you can look at what you’ve written. It may be crazy, like an elephant being chased by a carrot, but hey, it’ll get your creative juices flowing! Make sure you’re lying on a comfy mattress, and write down any memories of the dreams you have.

There have been studies that show that being sleepy can make you feel more creative. Unlike logical problems, which can be more likely solved when you’re alert and fully aware of your surroundings, creative minds work best when sleepy. Your brain doesn’t have to come up with a logical solution to anything; in fact, let it wonder!

Play Some Music

Music can play different effects on our creative spirit. If you’ve been feeling a bit down recently, or a bit uninspired, put on some of your favourite tunes. This can up your mood and make you feel super motivated; make you want to dance or begin to draw. Music can play such a huge role in our mood, so it’s no surprise that it can help promote your creative thinking too!

feeling creative


Creativity is a funny thing; it can come to you at the most inappropriate times, and disappear when you need it the most. It also seems that those around you are more creative and more inspired than you are when it comes to creative patterns. Remember, whatever you have floating in your head, that’s what you’re expecting to create. The world can’t see that.

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The world only sees what you create, which is from nothing. Never turn yourself away from a creative opportunity because you don’t think you can recreate the piece in your head to absolute perfection, or because you think your restrictions are getting the best of you. Fight those feelings, and make your art, write your story, and design your life. Sure, creative blocks are the worst, but here are effortless ways you can improve your chances of getting your creative juices flowing again, incredibly quickly!


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