Managing Creative Business in 2017 – What are you in for?

Managing creative business
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Are you planning on managing your creative business this year? Being an artist who is well talented is a great thing but being one who is well organized and disciplined is another skill that must be learned and honed in order to be very successful in this industry.

We have seen several highly talented artists who could have been struggling simply because they lack discipline and proper planning and scheduling of their art business priorities. You are best to equip yourself with apps like Asana that come with features you can schedule and complete your daily tasks in. Remember each day a small task completed will gradually roll the ball into something bigger and better.

Managing creative business

Let’s be factual: Artist does face challenges as well!

You may be an artist who is pursuing your art dream and at the same time working on other jobs to make ends meet.

You could also be a full-time artist and be fulfilling your goals by focusing all your time, resources and energy on creating your art.

Whichever path you walk, the journey isn’t always easy BUT can become so when properly worked out. Practically, it normally takes years of studies and practice to hone an art craft. And while we have artists that are able to focus on creating their projects, some of these may find it difficult to market and sell their work as we all know how the art market can be really competitive.

Managing creative business

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The Striving and Thriving Artist

The artist who desires to be successful must be able to learn to be disciplined. He or she must learn to organize his or daily activities such as what time is appropriate to draw, when is the right time to make a phone call to that gallery or art collector, when is the best time to exhibit an art project, and so many other factors.

An artist should also think of ways to transition from just being a creative painter to strategizing ways to market his or her projects online or offline!

You can get your art business going on good waters and on a great start – by opting for a great name/branding. If you are an art business owner, likely you should be working with other people and it’s essential that you are a bit aware of “management and leadership”.

Another reality is that most artists have a hard time valuing what they do, most particularly if the thing they do comes so naturally to them.

Managing creative business

Marketing your art crafts can be much easier to conquer and implement – when what you offer the marketplace/world clearly provides some kind of connection or solves some kind of issues; hence let your creative works have a signature for solving a problem.

Once you have your art business well organized and structured, you will do much better work, earn more revenue, have more resources to cater to folks and things you care much about, and then become a living proof of what’s possible for all other artists.

In conclusion, as an artist, seek for ways to prioritize your daily schedules, and remember that if you treat your art like every other business; success is imminent!

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