Repelled Beauty by Rachel Keem

Our exhibiting artist last but not least Rachel Keem

As Tuesday dawns its never ending day at the office and you feel like going back to the weekend sleep-in less than 48 hours ago, we at Art Expedia think that introducing you to Repelled Beauty would be the least we could do!  A painting that can speak a thousand word without uttering a sound is the magic you are […]

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Creative Business Coaching with Elissa Freeman

creative business coaching

Creative business coaching is truly one of the most essential professional training an artist can have. In your career or pursuit in the art business, have you ever felt unsure of the next step? Would you like to have more clients wanting to buy your art? Do you know what you need to do but aren’t actually doing it? Would […]

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Mid Week Thread Special

Sydney Australia’s Antique & Arts Fair 2016 is Here!! * Okay there are so many perks to being an Art enthusiast because we get to meet and greet with some of the finest people in the industry. Art Expedia team has just received a double pass to this prestigious event tomorrow and if anyone wants to join us, it’s at […]

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Digital Expert Artist – Tunazee

Close to eighteen months ago my art and myself were still finding an online identity and after months of website errors and rotating carousels, I made a decision to step up my game a notch and ditch the amateur cap. During this crossroads there came my virtual friend Tunazee, a guy from across the globe randomly meeting over a cyber […]

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Introducing Sarah Sculley Australia’s Urban Artist

Our Artist of The Month! Optimists have their work cut out these days. If they’re not on the receiving end of rolled eyes and patronising sighs, they have to keep their chins up against a tide of seemingly unrelenting bad news. A challenge indeed, but luckily these resilient folk have a talent for finding silver linings on clouds, and even scattering them to reveal sunny skies. One […]

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Budget Friendly Tips to Styling a Home Yourself

Allworth Homes and Inside Outside Design have teamed up with Art Xtedia to give you tips on how to make your home look like a million bucks – without breaking the budget. Want your house to look a million dollars but don’t want to be spending thousands? No problem! Creating that beautiful and luxurious sanctuary doesn’t mean you have to […]

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Patchism Art by Digital Artist Neil Sweeny

Neil Sweeny is an artist with a spinal injury from Dubbo, Central West, Australia. He has suffered this injury which restricts a lot of mobility with his fine motor skills. Thankfully Neil is gifted with an eye and spirit to create outstanding art by incorporating both traditional painting and digital enhancement. This man is also an autodidact, a term used […]

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