Painting Abstract Art As A Way Of Expressing Yourself

Painting Abstract Art As A Way Of Expressing Yourself
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Painting abstract art is a deep form of art known by a lot of folks and this cannot be far from the truth. It is a form of art that means one thing to one person and something else to another. Every art exhibition locally and internationally have every form of abstract art represented, and most times – these command the highest of admiration and are sold anywhere between $1000 to multi-millions of dollars depending on certain factors such as artist, artwork age, style – amongst others. While the process of producing abstract art can be a highly intuitive one, it takes loads of practice to master it, the very reason why only a handful of artistes go thru the rudiments.

Abstract art and its entire process can be said to be dynamic, physical, emotional and intellectual. To abstract art artists, the very art to them is – all about freedom and joy. They love the eccentricity, dreamlike quality and the fantasy they can bring to any abstract setting or watercolour. As an abstract artist or someone looking up to becoming one, you have to learn how to give your creative intuition free reign whenever you start out on any new painting and be able to wait to see what emerges.

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Abstract art takes more than merely putting colour on a canvas, or pouring colours on it. It involves much more than looking for something within the paint as it incorporates itself. It is indeed a blend of what is known as intuitive painting; this is what actually makes the art more in form and controlled. To paint a good abstract art, you can start traditionally by copying from life and then progressively moving into abstraction. In reality, all art can be termed as abstract in the sense that it isn’t the actual object itself. Folks who see themselves as “abstract artists” may indeed be painting a subject, while simply freely styling on that subject.

The easy way to creatively get it done while approaching the canvas – is to try taking the subject to be painted and then abstract it.  If an abstract artist is painting from life, he or she can look deeper on the blurry outlines of the subject, and then take his or her brush or pencil to sketch in the broad shapes and outlines.  Naturally, the art composition will unfold itself, and the shapes will take form and become interesting in and of themselves, without even referencing to the original subject. The artist at this stage can keep on experimenting with the composition, adding and subtracting shapes, modifying colour and solidifying lines. They would then follow on with what draws/pulls them in, while scraping what doesn’t.

Painting Abstract Art As A Way Of Expressing Yourself

Blush by Julie Rekha

Another method of painting abstract art is for the artist to use his or her emotions to get started. Listening to music is one way to enhance such emotions when painting. Listening to the right set of music or being in a certain mood can hugely influence the outcome of an artwork. It will also influence on the quality and speed with which the artist will apply a paintbrush or palette knife to a canvas.  A good synchrony of music can help you as an abstract artiste choose the right blend of colours, control the movement of hands, and create the ideal content. With this, when someone is feeling some sort of strong emotion, it can be easily and creatively expressed directly on canvas through colour, line and form. Paying full attention to any composition with deep interest, focus & energy, will produce the abstract art that everyone will see as very successful!

In the whole sense, abstract art is no much unlike realism; simply – the formal elements just need to be there! The artiste individual signature has to be in there, as just as an author develops her own niche/voice, so also does an abstract painter/artiste!