Patchism Art by Digital Artist Neil Sweeny

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Neil Sweeny is an artist with a spinal injury from Dubbo, Central West, Australia. He has suffered this injury which restricts a lot of mobility with his fine motor skills. Thankfully Neil is gifted with an eye and spirit to create outstanding art by incorporating both traditional painting and digital enhancement. This man is also an autodidact, a term used for the majority of natural born artists who were not thought to create but have self discovered their artistic abilities.

He spent most of his life as a Classical Musician/Music Teacher until a series of accidents in 2007 and 2011 ended his career and left him with debilitating spinal and nerve damage. Due to sudden tremors and nerve spasms in his back, Neil is unable to hold a brush for long periods of time. His paintings are created on an iPad and a specially mounted Touch PC and then transferred to canvas.

Between 2012 and 2015 he had created and amassed nearly 80 paintings, but his works remained solely as a therapy hobby in his computer. A random “show and tell’ post on Facebook in October 2015 triggered the launch of his art online. He received overwhelming support for the vibrancy and beauty found within those digital paintings.

Neil has gone on to display his paintings in many online International online art galleries and is a resident artist with His artworks have won International art prizes and recognition in Europe, the UK and the US.

Neil painting_pe

Through his unique use of bright colours and textures, he drew the attention of two renown digital artists, Daniel Rivart of Belgium and Immo Jalass of the Netherlands. Both artists have encouraged and inspired Neil in exploring and working within the Abstract genre.

For the past 2 years he has been developing a style of painting in vogue with the Impressionist art movement, in particular Georges-Pierre Seurat’s ‘Pointillism’ technique. The method of painting, Neil uses; he has termed ©‘PATCHISM’.

©PATCHISM:  a technique of post-impressionist painting using irregular sizes of complimentary and contrasting pure colours, which become blended in the viewer’s eye. ©PATCHISM was developed by Neil Sweeny with the aim of producing a brilliance of colour as a visual representation of an object or panorama.


patchism forest


The painting “Morning Falls” represents the best of this technique. This work was painted on an HP All in one Touch computer and took 8 days and nearly 100 hours of painting time.

Neil employs a very traditional approach to contemporary painting using a digital medium. Through his artworks he hopes to raise the status of digital art and digital artists in the more mainstream art world.

Neil can be contacted through and his art can be purchased at a good price. Often his works are great ideas for beautiful mural walls and interior paintings.

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