Repelled Beauty by Rachel Keem

Our exhibiting artist last but not least Rachel Keem
Reading Time: 2 minutes

As Tuesday dawns its never ending day at the office and you feel like going back to the weekend sleep-in less than 48 hours ago, we at Art Expedia think that introducing you to Repelled Beauty would be the least we could do!  A painting that can speak a thousand word without uttering a sound is the magic you are experiencing from gazing into this piece.

What you see at first glance would have either pleased or repulsed you and this is what makes a piece worth having. The complementing tones that Rachel remarkably put together has taken hours of careful blending and mixing. Notice the layers of distorted expression that shows her creativity coming to life on this canvas. Take with you what the artist wants you to feel and get in touch with the inner frustration that we so cleverly seek to hide.


Understanding yourself when admiring Art is a daily ritual that adds to better self improvement. These are the things that people have long taken for granted and at Art Expedia we bring you a message of hope through our paintings. We want you to appreciate life within the dimensions of these canvases and we want you to feel better about yourself. It is okay to feel like shit as it is normal to experience such things but remember to be thankful of all the other good stuff which would evidently reduce the impact of your perceived negative experiences.



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