Russian Art for The Modern World

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Russian Arts clearly deals with the fundamentals of artistic view of reality!

Based on history, alongside religion, the Russian artists adopted what is known as Byzantium style and centuries old technique of art painting. The highest point for ancient Russian art painting dates back to 14th-15th centuries, and can be credited to outstanding art experts as “Theophanes the Greek and then Andrey Rublyov.

Theophanes the Greek is renowned not only as the author of Russian outstanding paintings, but also as one who exerted a great influence on Russian art in the years when its basics were being set.

Theophanes art were works drawn from passionate, dramatic, overly serious, and at certain periods with tragically extreme deep impressions. Some of his works can be seen presently within Moscow’s Cathedral of the Annunciation. Some of such works represent Christ Pantocrator, the Virgin, St. John, Apostles Peter and Paul, and all the saints presented as asking the Lord to forgive the sins of humankind. Theophanes utilized solid, opaque colouring, akin to samples of Byzantine panel painting.

Andrey Rublyov also played prominent roles in Russia icon painting, presenting beautiful colors and pure forms at its best.

With Western influence around the 16th century, Russian icon painting became more of Western European illustrative art works.

The late 16th – early 17th centuries brought about further finesse of palette, ornate attention for art detail and propensity for art decorativeness and ‘deep beauty’ of painting. This led further to foundations of European painting: oil paints, endeavors of light and shade modeling and much greater authenticity in picturing humans and nature.


With more social aspirations of the time, Russian arts became famous – seeing the acceptance and opening of its first national galleries. This promoted Russian artists as their works started appearing regularly at international exhibitions and various foreign art shows.

In the journey through the path of Russian art deliveries, the strongest single influence was the recognition of Christianity in A.D. 988 – which transmitted the idea that the beauty of the church’s physical characteristics replicates the glory of God, with Byzantine religious art and architecture penetrating Kiev – the capital of the early Russian state until about 1100.

russian-art-5 russian-art-6

Russian Folk Art by Zhostovo

The most ancient known sculptures of human statues are known as the Upper Paleolithic “Venuses” originating from Russia, amongst other close countries like the Ukraine and the Czech Republic, etc.

When talking about the early day Russian arts, Ilya Repin must be mentioned as he is one of Russia’s most beloved painters – renowned for portraits of folks like Tolstoy and other massive historical art paintings of Barge Haulers on the Volga, amongst others.

Others include Isaak Levitan who created awesome landscape paintings, and then Mikhail Vrubel who was hugely inspired by Byzantine mosaics. We also pay respect to Karl Briulluv who painted The Last Day of Pompeii.

Russian Arts has since evolved from these historical foundations and have become some of the world’s best masterpieces – appreciated by art collectors’ world-over and valued at art exhibitions globally. The Russian arts never die!



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