What is September? It’s Our Art Month To Remember!

September is our art month to remember and although it’s the ninth month in the Gregorian calendar did you know that the name September derives from the Roman word ‘septem’ meaning seven? So in light to giving this meaningful month a burst of artistic flare, we have put together seven of our outstanding art of the month!

Feel inspired and up lifted when viewing these beautiful paintings that are a nourishment to the soul and well-being of the mind. We have the privilege of displaying some of the finest works of our talented artists who not only bring a fresh sense of style but meaningful life transforming creations to our platform. Enjoy everything our art has to offer and let the better part of you artistically shine.

art month

Lunette by Tanja Louise

Inspired by womanhood and everything that it entails – feel proud in your femininity and embrace yourself with beauty.


art month

Galah by Fiona Groom

“Who is this galah?”- inspired by friendship and the virtue found in coexisting.


art month

Happy Dancer by Marian Arends

I put on my dancing shoes, I let my hair down and I just boogie into my happiness.

September according to the Julian calendar was also the month cared for by the god Vulcan, the god of fire, volcano eruptions and earthquakes. This made the land around the mountains fertile for harvesting and flourishing.


art month

Hong Kong by Sarah Sculley

A painting inspired by an exciting city that has the vibrancy and colours of youth.


art month

Zebra Man by Hemedi

Perfectionism at its best – the creations of an artist from Kiri Tingatinga, a community in Africa.


art month

Butterfly Retreat by Neil Sweeny

Returning to one’s sense of safety when the outside world seem too noisy.


art month

Sky City by Julie Rekha

Sky City inspired for the poets, day dreamers, writers and the quiet ones who have been known for building castles in skies yet we bring about Art in the form of literature.

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