Social Media Is The Way Forward For Artists

Social media is the way forward for artists when it comes to promoting oneself, these platforms have become the hub that leads to success in this regards.

Many creative minds all over the globe have been able to connect and sell their ideas more convincingly to people who stumbled on their art activities on these platforms. Following this content and acting straightway from now – you should intensify your social media engagement with the very popular networks, promoting yourself and you will find loads of exciting new opportunities.

We like hearing the words, “oh you were right,” however when such words are connected with the pleasure of seeing someone creating opportunities that he or she needs, it gladdens the heart. In these current times – if you are not seizing the privilege to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities accessible to you via social networks to discover & promote your creative works, brand or voice, and by such action – generate more resources, you will only be sabotaging your efforts and personal goals. If all your competitors and then the best in the game are using such medium, what stops you?

When you create an individual page on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn an artist, it will begin like a seemingly small step, however – thru these pages – you will be announcing yourself and experience to the world. You will be able to announce yourself as a professional artiste engaged in developing your work & brand. You will be able to get others to help you get the roles and opportunities you require as a creative person.

Below are a few ways to get started using social media as a creative mind and before you consider which platform will work best for you, read what we have to share from our experiences.


social media the way forward for artists

Facebook is a universally recognized platform if you haven’t already signed up and while on the network, you have to consider the art images that will sell here. To that, ensure you post good and professional images. ANd to maximize this, you can join various niche related groups where you can post your art projects and may find people are starting to communicating with you. People have hit huge contracts this way. You can also create your own personal fan page and engage with your target audience all over the world. Paying for a Facebook Ad can be considered also to help boost your engagements much faster. To do it right, check out other professionals you admire and find out how they are presenting themselves.

2. Pinterest

social media the way forward for artists

Pinterest is a bundle of image presentation social media platform and is also free to register. It can be treated like a search engine and links people through the saved and pinned items. Once registered here, you have to create PINS which are generally images that you will share on the platform. You will place these pins on the board that you can categorize making it easier for others to find. The more creative pins you create – the more you will attract followers/fans, and with that, you are sure to get people contacting you and even re-sharing your pins, making your artworks go viral online. Pinterest can help create popularity and opportunities for your artwork and brand.


3. Twitter

social media the way forward for artists

This gossip like platform comes with a lot of opportunities to tweet your short messages and creative art works to as many followers you have. To get followers on Twitter, you have to learn to follow your target audience and the right set of people. As you build on that gradually, with consistency, you will start attracting huge numbers of followers. Some of these followers can end up as your clients!

Once on Twitter, follow others that inspire you and simply join the conversation. It is your chance to speak directly to other artistic heroes & directors, and is your opportunity to distinguish yourself. And if you are lucky all you need is one celebrity or influential figure to tweet about your business and the number of followers they have will hugely have an impact on what they are tweeting about you.


4. Instagram

social media the way forward for artists

Instagram should have been on the top spot on this list because this platform has become one of the leading spots online for millions of folks to post, share and discover new things. It is a social media network that’s crazy about images and outstanding photos. It is also free to register and once on this platform, all you need to do is post awesome photos of your art projects. The more eye-catching your posts, the more it will be loved, shared and commented on and pictures that are original without filtered layout tend to get more responses.

Continuously as this happens, the more you build followers even as you follow others, your projects can sell massively thru this platform. Remember to post visually attractive images with hashtags as this helps users to easily discover new images. A good tip with hashtags is to post sixty #hashtags in the comment column NOT as the caption because it will appear too spammy and it is best to place the first thirty top hashtags in your industry for a maximum of two hours then delete it and place another thirty then delete it. The reason being is that top stories only stay in your followers news-feed during this time frame and gets pushed down by other posts so there is really no need to keep your hashtags permanently.


5. LinkedIn

social media the way forward for artists

LinkedIn is a site for professionals and is free to register so if you are serious and committed to becoming one yourself then here is where you will place your experiences and exhibitions. The cool thing about linked is that people you have previously worked with from other companies or those who are familiar with your artworks would have a chance to endorse your skills. You will also find many other professional artists that you can connect with and also join groups like “art marketing” that you will find a good community to be in.

When posting articles on this particular site you must be sure to have contents that are well written because it is one of the hardest site to get likes. My opinion is that the like button is at the top of the posting instead of the bottom of the article which makes it harder for someone to stroll all the way back up and click like. Posting pictures of your exhibition and artworks instead, could keep your connections interested and engaged. Always remember the more consistent you are with your posts and communication, the more prospects will come to you so go ahead and expand your network because it could bring to you many great opportunities.


The what when and why.

Now we all like a good content or visually appealing video or images so naturally it is in our instinct these days to like something quite easily. However, sharing the artwork or content ideas plays just as much of a bigger role as getting likes but the truth is it is not easy to get people to share your postings unless they are truly touched by what you have to show. Regardless of this you mustn’t be discouraged and allow yourself a lot of time and effort into nurturing your social media presence. I find my pinterest and tweeter accounts to have the least followers but my Facebook profile and Art Xtedia page do have a growing number of followers. Either way one of the first things that people do these days before purchasing a print or merchandise from us is that they check out my Facebook and read previews and ratings.

Being mindful that you might feel overwhelmed with all the platforms that are available and may find time constraining to focus all your energy on each one, you will still need to accept the reality that being seen on these social medias is vital for your business. It may make sense to sign up with social media tools that can schedule a number of postings to be sent to all your accounts, be aware that these platforms do not serve you a lot of good.

Let me explain. Each social media platform is different in terms of their algorithm and style of attracting followers therefore it will limit your chances attracting followers. For example, on Facebook when a posting is not directly sent from you it will not show up on the news-feed of your networks making your post appear somewhat invisible. So you might want to really consider your options and choose if this method is really what you want. It is best to individually create a targeted posting according to the platform instead of having the same content blast all at once.

The best time to post a content or art plays a very important role in your quest for establishing yourself on these sites. If you observe, people are usually engrossed on their mobile phones after work hours and many do look their Facebook right before bed and just as they awake!

Here are some of my cool social media links that you can click on and get an idea of how we present our brand Art Xtedia. We hope you will like and follow us too. Enjoy! Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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