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An Opportunity to List & Sell Your Art

Dear Artist,

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider joining our community of expert artists and professionals.

Our Art industry is rapidly expanding and so the reason for creating Art Xtedia (formerly known as Art Expedia) is to help buyers easily find their favourite type of art as well as locating artists who are presently living. It would be a privilege to be able to represent you as part of our community and help you sell your fine art prints and original pieces.

Through our professional Web gallery service, artists who join the Art Xtedia community get exposure to a large online presence. This in turn helps attract clients so that artists, like yourself, can make extra money to invest in your art and ongoing professional development. We also work with interior designers who contribute to our blog posts and list their businesses with us. This has an added benefit of providing a pool of local artworks which can be on sold to both new and existing clients.

We are very excited to announce that Art Xtedia is on exposure from this has been great for us and by being part of our art community, it provides an exciting opportunity for you to benefit from this popular also.

Our vision for Art Xtedia is to become a household name creating and supplying people with everything that is Art and Creative related for their homes and place of inspiration.

Our online eCommerce is newly launched with great wall previews for customers to purchase fine art prints and original paintings. According to, many online research, art websites that have wall previews are the best and most effective way for people to buy art online.

If you would like to join our art community and sell your fine art prints and/or originals, here are the information provided.We look forward to you enjoying a long term and fruitful experience with us here at Art Xtedia.

1) Listing for life on Art Xtedia

At Stage 1 of submission – If you would like us to promote you, we are more than happy to display and introduce your best artwork for free at no cost on Our Artist Page, Gallery Page and all major social media. It requires us to upload, edit, write your descriptions, promote and market you regularly so if you choose to remove your profile in the future we will incur a removal charge / exit fees. Think of us as your life time directory where art buyers will see your work when searching for that perfect painting.

Send us your details below and we will invite you to submit your description, bio-data and images along with your pay pal or bank details for receiving your payments when there is an order for your art.


Should you choose to sell with us – other than the Gallery and Our Artist page listing, your art then will also appear on our store page where your high resolution images will sell on the automatic sizes and media available as fine art prints and/or original paintings.

Additionally, you will be featured in our blogs and articles on where we support you our artist and promote your work. We will need you to provide us with more information on your techniques, inspiration and stories about your art or you can also write us a blog or article about yourself and your passion so we will edit and publish it for you.

Our clients are art collectors, businesses and home decorators so we give them high quality custom sized fine art and original paintings. We do not quote your original paintings because we believe it is your right to set your own price so we can only advise you but you will tell us how much you want to sell your originals and we will match it to our promotional benchmark. The estimated earnings will be sent to you once you agree to list and sell with us.

What we need from you for selling your fine art prints and original.

All images must be sent in high resolution and professional studio shots.

*All images sent to Art Xtedia is kept in strict confidentiality and will Not be sold or given to any other third party or used for anything else other than our gallery, store and promotional platforms such as google ads, social media and feature articles that gives you the acknowledgement as the artist.*

The benefits of listing with Art Xtedia

  • Free lifetime listing no subscription fees – only exit fees applicable.
  • Earn money doing what you love to do by selling with us.
  • Exclusive individual page blogs and articles on our featured artist column.
  • Wide exposure and international recognition that boost your credibility.
  • Potential buyers will be viewing your art using our online buying features.
  • We do all the work and help you write inspirational art stories.
  • No locked in contract – you are free to sell on other platforms.
  • You choose your own price to sell your original art.
  • See your art promoted on all major social media likes.
  • Be part of our growing community and become a success!

Thank you and we look forward to your submission. So send us your best work!

Best Regards,


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