The Visual Artist Mindset on Money & Success Beyond A Hobby

The visual artist mindset on money & success at present have become more of a ritual and rather than striving just to make some money out of a piece, the millennial artist are beginning to shift focus to think like the great artists of old times!

We think this is a more genuine way to live as an artiste as it helps to keep you on focus with the essentials of your creative dispositions. This means that you shouldn’t be too eager to make an art work in the next 48 hours just to sell to the market the next day for some money for groceries. It goes beyond that, as you have to look more on ways to create a NAME and then such background will sell you – even when you are gone, making you an artiste with great legacy!

Many artists struggle with fear and as a result produce below average projects that may not be good enough to get buyers. And then those who are able to create classic pieces – these also tend to struggle because of their mindset and wrong approach about life and about art! As an artist – you can be truly successful and rich as this will help to cater to your needs such as getting rents and bills paid on time and then having a good night sleep with a stomach that’s full and enriched. With some good planning and preparedness, you can make this happen.

visual artist mindset

So how can you generate more money to do the things you love and serve others? How do you become successful as an artist in these times while still keeping to originality and focus? Here are a couple of pointers to consider below and feel free to add some of your own ideas to the equation.

Use Several Revenue Streams:

While Artist A may plan to earn all of her project fees thru public art commissions, Artist B may strive to generate income exclusively via Web sales.

But we think today’s artist should be more proactive and general in such approach – as it may be clear that neither Artist A nor B is actually working toward the most comfortable financial situation.

Today’s artist can rather rely on multiple sources of income, considering areas such as gallery exhibitions, Web sales, art grants and commission projects among others.

When an artist dabbles in a wide range of moneymaking pools, it lets the artists discover the right channels and methods that are the most lucrative.

With this approach, even while none of them might generate a large amount of money, they simply all add up, giving you the peace of mind and income you deserve to stay focused on the big picture of being the best in your field

Be Unique Be Different Be Unusual :

As you focus on success as an artist, money will have a way of finding it’s way to you so make it an end result rather than the only focus point. The process of being creative in your business is the secret to manifesting the money that people will pay you for your craft. Indeed, you can really make a statement with your works if you “produce artworks that are simply about you and wonderful”.

To sell your art easily, it helps to grab the prospect’s attention by producing works that are noticeably different from what already exists out there.  You should strive to create a signature that is markedly yours.

In closing, remember that ‘an artist who is well branded’ wouldn’t necessarily have to produce better artwork, but rather more bankable works; so become that branded artist, and money and success will follow!

viusal artist mindset

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