Web Designing – The Artist Way with Tanya Byham

Web designing can have a huge impact on your senses – Have you ever looked at a website and felt really warm and fuzzy about it and compelled to stay on it? If your answer is yes, generally speaking it has been designed by someone that has passion and a soul. This person looks more at the website users experience, whilst also trying to stuff in the appropriate words in the appropriate places and keep everything SEO compliant so the customer can be seen on page one of google search!

These breed of web designer are the ones that you want on your side. Why? you may well ask. Beneath this web designer is a person that is torn between two worlds, “Art” and “Numbers” so in essence you get the best of both worlds. Someone who has one foot planted firmly on terra firma and the practicality of day to day life and the other in the stratosphere seeing beauty and art in clouds and other everyday items.

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Tanya Byham – Expert Web Designer

Tanya was told in high school that her art sucked and she was fabulous at maths, something a girl didn’t really want to hear quite frankly. For Tanya it meant she must have a boy brain and that made her a dorky freak! She thought about how her popular friends wanted to associate with her and cherished every minute that they did. It was a mistake she felt, and they hadn’t recognised her boy brain so Tanya kept it well hidden and quietly detested herself.

Deciding later that she could paint and draw better from photos, shock horror to her teacher’s dismay. “Tanya you can never try to replicate a three dimensional subject from a two dimensional surface!” are the words that still echo through her brain BUT she did, just very quietly. Tanya took her little sisters to school one at a time and had them sit for portraits, whilst the whole time she was painting from a photo she had stuck in the corner of her easel! Hence she was never found out, magically got a credit for her work and one painting on display as part of the matric art work exhibition.

Even though she had proven that she was OK at this art thing, Tanya thought it was a fluke and didn’t really ever try it again.

What’s this got to do with web design as art? Well she does have a point. According to WIKIPEDIA  “Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author’s imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power“. Art is subjective according to Clive Bell, he said “the emotion one feels when he or she sees a work of art is subjective”. He believed that in order for something to be art, it needs to produce aesthetic emotion and that is awakened by significant form. Significant form is the combination of lines and colours used in a particular way. The way Tanya sees it is, that however the lines and colour get on to whatever surface doesn’t matter, hence web design has a purpose which incorporates art.

Art for a long time now has been recognised as a form of therapy for people with mental illness or addiction problems as it somehow magically reduces the stress that living today puts on us. She feels that if she can design her client’s websites in a way that offers up a cool user experience which is visually pleasing or fun, which gets the message across without causing stress, Tanya then has done her job.

Let it be said that web design is not for the faint-hearted. You can spend hours going for the look and feel of a website, only to be told that the product you put in that space is the wrong one and you didn’t put the words “just off blah blah road” crushing that little bit of ego you have left, that was waiting for “I love it, good job” Fortunately Tanya’s arrival into the web design business came much later in the game than most and stumbled upon it almost by accident after working in industries such as customer service, where she already  learned that the customer is always right.

In reflection after her wander down “the merit of art in web design lane” Tanya asks only one thing of you. Next time you see a website that intrigues you or gives you a little warm and fuzzy, think of people like her who are passionate about what they do, the little person behind it all.  They may not be an artist in the true sense but there is an artistic streak or flair. Sure there are some sharks out there that copy and cut corners, but mostly, like an artist, they don’t get paid much and are expected to read minds and have knowledge on everything from products to health and social justice.

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At WANAus Web Design Hobart,Australia we love designing websites and its actually fun for us. Creating a little bit of something that puts a smile on someone’s face is a really good feeling. We are successful mainly because we can take your idea turn it into a vision and make it real. Sometimes people have no clue, they just want a website. That’s no issue, we are more than capable of asking enough questions to get to the heart of the matter and create something that exceeds their expectations. There are no KPI’s and we do have a work life balance. We consider ourselves digital nomads, we can work from anywhere for anyone.

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