Why Hire a Professional Interior Designer…..Part 3

Why Hire a Professional Interior Designer

Why Hire a Professional Interior Designer? Alexandrea goes on to explain it’s no secret that the task of re-decorating your home can be a little overwhelming. Knowing where to begin, where you should be allocating most of your budget, how you should approach your furniture hunt and the ultimate quandary of the colour scheme are just some of the issues you face.

Hiring a Professional Designer is the best way to tackle these issues, why?? Professional Interior Designers are AMAZING planners!
3. They’re AMAZING planners!
Before starting any project it’s ALWAYS a great idea to have a plan. Having a plan will give you a timeline of events/tasks that need to be completed and who is responsible for those tasks. In the business we call our plan a Schedule of Works.. The typical information contained in a SOW includes the names and contact details of any contractors or installation teams, the sequence the design elements should follow (i.e. a plasterer will always follow an electrician, a painter and decorator usually follows the plasterer) and allows you to keep a close eye on the budget and completion deadline.
Why Hire a Professional Interior Designer
Having a great plan is possibly one of the most crucial elements of the design process and getting this right is high on the list of priorities for any design professional. Some companies build their reputation on their planning skills and designers are always looking for new ways to create and monitor their schedules and some even take out extra study in order to become a certified project manager (which is often a legal requirement of the BSA) in order to complete this task successfully.
Why risk making costly and time consuming mistakes when you could hire a Professional Interior Designer to handle the project for you? So go ahead and get yourself an interior designer who resonates with what your personal sense of style!

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